June 01, 2006

Skankerella Gets Wet

You wanted more Skankerella.....

Dear De,

Guys are single-minded creatures most of the time; horny guys are SUPER single-minded.
I don't pretend to know a guys' mind but I can imagine that once he's in a sexual groove, he has a hard time (no pun intended) thinking of anything else.

Remember Hugo? When he and I were dating, it seemed I opened him to a virtual cornucopia of sexual positions and experiences. He didn't like doing it doggy style....until I came along.
I enjoy many sexual positions but nothing is better than the primal act of lovemaking when a hot guy is behind you driving you home with each manly thrust.
I just could not abide by a man who didn't want to do it like that.
Hugo learned quickly how good it could be, however. He learned TOO well.

Hugo had one of those headboards that doubled as a shelve with sliding doors and everything. The night before he put a large plastic cup of water on top of the headboard incase he woke up thirsty.
Your friend, Skankerella woke up a little horny and Hugo was...well...Huge-O. I rolled over and he took me from behind and within a few minutes the bed was shifting like a 9.0 on the Richter Scale.
We didn't think about that large cup of water on the headboard until it came crashing down on top of my head.

Now, my dear, you must understand that the one rule Skankerella has about sex is that you must NOT mess up the hair.
Do what you like to me but leave the hair alone!
But today, my hair was drenched and water ran down my back and shoulders and soaked the pillows.
Did Hugo stop to render aide, you ask?
No! He was in "the zone" and a hurricane whipping through the bedroom couldn't have stopped him.
When Hugo was finally spent, he collapsed on the bed putting his hands on the wet sheets and noticing my soaked, ruined hair at the same time.

"Wow, baby", he exclaimed, "I really put it to you good, didn't I? I've never seen you sweat like that!"



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You need to make a category to throw all this stuff into - Adventures of Skankerella or something. At least then it would be easy for me to link to for Smut Thursdays.

Posted by: shank at June 2, 2006 06:37 AM